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A Time of Reflection

As we reflect on what the Lord has done in and through us during the beginning of this mission, we can't help but be eternally grateful at how remarkably Good God has been to us. Never did we imagine what the totality of His plans for us were as we set out to obey Him more fully.

A friend (Kam) spoke over me (Kathy) in February, 2018, and said that I would need a lot of faith to do what God was calling me to. She was right in every sense of that Word. In this journey we have experienced our ups and downs, twist, and turns, faith to move mountains, and the lack of faith when we were unsure of what God was doing. But God...through it all and through His unfailing love, His endless Goodness, His constant leading brought so much growth in our ability to trust Him even more. We discovered many times He just wanted our complete surrender...our complete surrender of our plans, our wills, and our hearts to whatever He wanted. Basically, He wanted us to move out of the way so He could do His work. Inspite of us, He did work and He moved mightily.

We wish we could say it was all so easy, but we would be lying. It's not been easy by far. However, it has ALL been worth it. The saying farewell to family, friends, our church, the walking away from secure jobs that we loved (when the world says that's not wise), the "Go" when we didn't know where or why, the complete trusting in our Faithful God in our unknown was worth it all. As the Holy Spirit said to us in July, 2017, while hiking at the Grand Canyon, "The path was always there, you just couldn't see it because of your perspective." We're so thankful He never lost sight of that path for us.

It is very difficult to put into words what we feel right now and what we've experienced along this leg of the journey. We are still processing it all. We can only imagine what's still to come. We have discovered, however, so many people in this world need H.O.P.E. (Healing, Outrageous love, Provision, and Empowering). It's what God wants for them...for us all. It's definitely not anything we could give on our own, but Jesus working through us will accomplish His desire. River of H.O.P.E is God's dream, and we (two willing, surrendered vessels) will continue walking in it as long as He desires.

We are excited to be heading home for Christmas with our family in a little over a week. We're looking forward to stopping along the way to visit with our new friends from Indiana...our first God's divine appointment. The testimony of what the Lord has been doing in this wonderful couple is amazing. God is always so Good! His Faithfulness never ends!

We are no one special to this world's standards, or even to our own standards for that matter, but we are to God and so are you. Our only desire is to be willing and obedient so we could eat the good of the land (Isaiah1:19). God has been too good to us to not obey Him...whatever He asks. In His divine goodness, He has used every hurt, every disappointment, every rejection, every loss to bring wholeness to others in need. To God be ALL the Glory for the great things He has done!

With a Grateful Heart,

Vic and Kathy