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Common Thread

Why Monroeville? We get that question a lot and from a whole lot of people, rather back home in Ohio or right here in Monroeville, Alabama. That is a question we have asked ourselves and God many times. Why Monroeville, Lord?

It's interesting how God works and what He does when you surrender everything to Him. Sometimes we don't surrender EVERY thing to Him, which always gives us a plan B and a way out. Maybe that's why He took us down the path of ridding ourselves of everything familiar and comfortable so we had only Him to trust and rely upon.

This is our second time in Monroeville, Alabama. We were here for two and a half months earlier this year and the Lord told us we need to "follow through!" So we returned a week ago to finish the work the Lord started. Let's just say, we are in complete awe of what God is doing.

Last night we met with some local pastors, their wives, and the head of the Baptist missionary board, because the Lord gave us a Word for them. The common thread between them all was, "Why Monroeville?" After sharing the Word the Lord gave us, we had the privilege of praying for all of them. Once again, out of our comfort zone. However, we have learned it's not about what's comfortable for us.

Later as we were talking, a few different pastors (one of which came later because he ministers to the alcoholics and drug addicts on Monday nights) mentioned how excited they were that God would send missionaries to such a small town as Monroeville. They continued to say that most missionaries think they have to go to where the large cities, large churches, and large crowds are, or they tend to go to other countries to minister. And as they said, "But no one comes to Monroeville, Alabama."

That in-it-of-itself is a testimony of God's great love and mercy for a town that's been long since forgotten by man. God sent us here for such a time as this. Last night these pastors and their wives came hungry and God (not us) filled them. God reminded them of the fire He placed in them years ago when they first began, and the Holy Spirit will continue to blow on those embers to create a wild fire that no man can contain. This is ALL God!

We were praying one morning while back in Ohio when we asked God, "Why us?" And He said, "Because I can trust you with your yes." I'm curious...can God trust you with your "Yes!" or is it contingent on how comfortable and sensible it is for you? Jesus said in John 14:12, that we would do "greater works" because He went to His Father. Why do we struggle with that? When is the Lord going to get what He paid for? Now is the time!

So why Monroeville, Alabama? What we do know is, these incredible people are so precious in His sight, He has heard the cries of His saints, and He is answering their prayers...ALL for HIS Glory and to advance His Kingdom. We are so grateful we get to be a part of what God is doing here in this small community of Monroeville, Alabama. ALL Glory and Honor belongs to God alone!

ALL For HIS Glory!

Vic and Kathy Miller