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Divine Appointments

What a phenomenal God we serve!

We left Ohio and a few hours later crossed into Indiana. Shortly after that, our truck started losing power. We pulled off the freeway multiple times trying to understand why it would run fine for awhile, but then lose power again. No matter how hard we tried to get back on the freeway to at least get past Indianapolis, we would run into roadblocks...literal roadblocks...preventing us from getting back on the freeway. We seemed to not be able to get out of this one area in Indiana. It was just so crazy.

We text some family members and prayer warriors to pray for us. We were reminded to pay attention to the details and God's divine appointments. So we decided it was best to find somewhere to park the RV for the night and find an auto parts store in the morning where we could run a scan on the truck. We found a Cracker Barrel down the street and slept there for the night. That night as we were praying, we were reminded by the Lord that we didn't have an appointment anywhere...we had an appointment everywhere.

The next morning we prayed, read our Bible, and encouraged ourselves in the Lord with His promises He has spoken over our lives. We know our God. We know He loves us. His Word says His plans for us are good and not evil (Jer.29:11). We knew we needed to trust Him and rest upon Him (Prov. 3:5-6). We decided to go to a nearby church that was a mile down the road from Cracker Barrel. After church, we went another mile down the road to an O'Reilly's Auto Parts store. Vic went into the store and comes back out about ten minutes later and tells me that we are going to park at somebody's house that he had just met in the store until we could get the truck looked at on Monday. I was a little skeptical not knowing the person, but Vic said he felt good about it. So we went.

As soon as I met this man (Ron) and his wife (Kim) I felt such a peace about it all. Only fifteen minutes into our conversation about what God had been doing in us, the wife started tearing up and said that she had been praying for God to show her certain things and had even asked Him specific prayers that morning and here we were answering all her questions she had just prayed about. Praise God! We also found out that she attends the church we had visited that morning. Go figure! This woman was so hungry for God. She knew there was more, but didn't quite understand where God was leading her and her husband. They were both in a different season in their lives, but weren't sure if what they were hearing was right. She remarked that God had sent us to them and this was indeed a divine appointment.

We spent the next four days talking, praying together, believing for healings, sharing our testimonies, laughing, crying, and rejoicing over how extraordinary our God is. This couldn't have been planned out any better if we would've tried. There was a reason God wouldn't allow us to move beyond that area, even though we had tried for nearly two hours. We had a divine appointment with two of His children.

Ron and Kim are two remarkable people. They both have an unmatched gift of hospitality and love for their community. They both love the Lord. Ron has mentored young boys who have had troubled past. He helps turn them in the right direction with good jobs and housing. Kim's desire is to open her home up to host women's retreats, prayer groups, and/or couple's getaways. She also helps lead the Boundaries class at her church, along with other areas of ministry.

We are so thankful that God's ways are so much higher than ours. We could have gotten very frustrated with what was happening to the truck (by the way, it's running fine now), but we chose to trust and rest in the promises of God. He led us to Ron and Kim, parked us in their driveway (where neighbors were inquiring what was going on), had already given us answers for their many questions (because of where He had brought us from), and developed a lasting friendship. We gave Kim some resources/connections to help her with her walk and we're looking forward to hearing all that God does through Ron and Kim.