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Newfound Friends

Our time in Montana was much like the mountains we traveled...frequent ups and downs, but ultimately a beautiful journey nonetheless. We battled many spiritual and natural battles along the way. But through it all, we leaned on our Faithful Father, family members, prayer warriors, and newfound friends.

Marcus, his wife, Mercedes, and their 18 month old daughter were great neighbors during our two week stay in Montana. We shared stories, laughter, meals, and campfires. This wonderful family came all the way from Missouri to serve the people of the Blackfoot Indian Reservation. Marcus is an EMT and Mercedes is a traveling nurse currently working for the IHS (Indian Healthcare Service). They both have a heart to help people. This became more evident the more time we spent with this selfless couple.

There is so much we could say about our time with them. But to sum it up, we were so thankful for their constant companionship while in Montana. We have exchanged phone numbers and will remain in touch. We believe we will meet up again one day.

You never know what plans or people God has set before you as you walk with Him. One thing is for certain, it's worth your "Yes!"

All for HIS Glory!

Vic and Kathy