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Taking Back Territories

Montana is beautiful beyond words. We are currently staying on an Indian Reservation. We know this is not by accident. God is always purposeful in every direction. We have learned early on to pray deep into whatever soil we are at. God has us praying specifically over territories...taking back territories for HIS Kingdom. This morning as we were warring and declaring over this particular area, the Lord had me research farm equipment, specifically a plow. The depth of plowing is important for what crop you want to yield and so is the equipment you use. For instance, the moldboard is designed to improve soil prior to planting. It flips the soil completely over to bury any residue from previous crops, knocks down the weeds and keeps them down, and controls the insects that live in the refuse and depris. We are here in Montana plowing this territory to completely undo what generations before have planted in order to prepare the new soil for seed ...Kingdom seed. Not only are we plowing and spreading seeds along the way, but we are calling for double rain to water what's been planted. God WILL get the increase! His Kingdom come, His will be done!